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Why not be part of the family and support local dancers to thrive in our community!

Membership Choices

Welcome to Ballet Camrose! Our membership program allows members to support our studio and help our dancers grow and train in a consistently improving environment. 

Every membership contribution is greatly appreciated and put directly toward supporting local dancers to pursue their dance dreams. 


Membership donations will be put toward the following:

  • Student endorsement scholarships 

    • For students in the junior grades, to promote one new student within the school to continue their dance journey 

    • Grades, Intermediate, Advanced dancers, to promote a motivated dancers who would appreciate continuing their training to graduation

  • Studio renovations and upgrades

  • Student awards 

  • Comfort items for students, prizes

  • Training items for students 

    • Leg weights, stretch blocks, balance boards, history books

  • Competitive needs for students 

    • Items for traveling suitcase

    • Emergency items, ice packs, tensor wraps


Gold Member

$20.00/ Year


Platinum Member

$30.00/ Year


$20.00/ Year


Diamond Member

$50.00/ Year

All Memberships Include:

All membership levels include 

  • Name acknowledgement in the year-end show program

  • Credentials list


If you are a previous student of Ballet Camrose (alumni) and you hold a Ballet Camrose membership, you or any family member/child you personally register will receive 5% off of tuition fees throughout the year.

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