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Our Programs

Ballet Camrose offers programs to fit every dancer from intense training programs to programs with lower commitment!

Ballet Camrose Offers Classes in:


  • Cecchetti Ballet

  • Pointe

  • Al Gilbert Tap

  • Jazz 

  • Company Lyrical (Audition Only)

  • Company Contemporary (Audition Only)

  • History of Dance

  • Hip Hop (For students 12 and up with at least two years of training within Ballet Camrose, audition only)





Program P


This is our professional program which gives students vigorous technical training, many performance opportunities, and also examinations. Students are expected to take classes in all forms of dance including Cecchetti ballet, jazz, Al Gilbert tap, history and company lyrical. Students registered in this program are expected to have and keep a high level of commitment and attend all classes, performances, community shows, competitions, workshops, and exams. This program is for students who are serious about dancing and trains students to be advanced dancers.





Program A


This is our semi-professional program that offers dancers rigorous training for students registered in Cecchetti ballet, Jazz, and one other form of dance (excluding history). Students in this program are still expected to have a high level of commitment and attend all classes, performances, community shoes, competitions, workshops, and exams.





Program B


This is our semi-recreational program for students who would only like to pursue two forms of dancing. Students in this program must still show a high level of commitment to their classes, performances, workshops, and exams. This program offers fewer performance commitments and lower training hours per week.





Program C


This is our recreational program for dancers who want to dance recreationally while still gaining quality, technical training, take a minimal number of classes, and do not want to have to have to commit to many hours per week of training. Students registered in this program will still be expected to attend all performances they are scheduled for, however, there are often fewer performance commitments This program offers flexibility and fewer hours of training per week and lower time commitment.




Teen Program


Our teen program is for dancers ages 12 to 18 who are just beginning their dance journey. This program offers less training hours per week and minimal performance time to ease beginners into proper training and the performance experience to offer maximum comfort and positivity. Often, students who begin in this program, are transferred into the full programs after one to three years in the teen program, when they have learned a large enough repertoire of steps to comfortably transition into the higher commitment programs.




Adult Program


Our adult program offers a fun, positive atmosphere for adults of all ages and all levels of dance background. It is great exercise and also offers quality ballet and jazz training. Students can choose to be involved in performance opportunities or not to their liking. Commitment is very low in this program and provides for optimal flexibility and time management.     




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